How the left misrepresents the NRA

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  • An individual in a red shirt may not be spotted in a crowd, but put ‘a bunch’ of red shirts in one place & they will get noticed…the same is true w/ lobbyist…You & I, as individuals cannot be seen or heard above the crowd of Unions & ‘special’ interest. But if we wear our NRA shirts & stand shoulder to shoulder our voice is louder than the stadium at Super Bowl…

    You CAN join the NRA even if you don’t own a gun!! The NRA is not just fighting for ‘gun rights’. IT IS OUR 2nd AMENDMENT RIGHT…If we allow ‘any’ the links to be removed from our Constitution, our blessed Nation will weaken and fall. The blood of those mighty warriors that gave their all will have been spilled in vain….and that’s just not right..

    Many ask “What can I do?” Wll, this just might be a good place to start,.