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Gay Rights Debate Reaches the Supreme Court

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  1. These gays’ rights efforts have big supporters from individual and companies across the country. For example, Electronic Arts(EA) has gay content on its videos and hold public meetings to promote themselves. Both sides can way into this issue. You can have your say in a contest as EA is up for the worst company in America.

    Vote here

    • Great idea. I just voted.

    • EA has no place putting gay stuff in games like StarWars. Kids don’t need to see that. Consumerist is right. I voted for them as THE worst company in the country.

  2. In my humble opinion. I draw a firm line when it comes to traditional and honorable marriages between one man and one woman and that of the gays idea of marriage. This is not an issue that we, as Christians, can compromise on just because it doesn’t affect us personally.

    Gays should not be able to adopt children. It is a form of child abuse and neglect and just a way for the Gays to brainwash innocent minds to believe the perverseness of gays is normal and approved by God.

    Like you, it’s not my place to judge gays in their choices. That is and will be God’s department when the time comes. But I will not now, or ever, support their movement. It is not a civil right issue as much as it is a moral one. The media has turned it into the civil right movement.

    I enjoyed your article. But I respectfully disagree in making any kind of acceptions, compromises or in any way affirm the gays for their choices in any way. To me, this is a very black and white issue of right and wrong. The gays are wrong and mocking God with their perverseness. God will have the last word on this issue.

    • And a lot of people feel the way you do Debbie. And you will be labeled as ‘hateful’ by those on the left. In the end, I think you are right. It is one of those areas where it doesn’t matter what we think, only how God thinks. He will judge, not us. In a secular world however, I think the states have to decide, not the courts.

    • If you want God to have the last word on the issue, let him. Beyond that, if this doesn’t affect you at all, why do you care?