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Even NBC Sees Sequestration Bias

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  1. Maybe we’re seeing the worm turn. Seems like they’re all starting to let’stuff’ creep through, also NY Times…QUESTION: Was the ‘tution” granted a biggy tool in recruiting?….We’re still getting our chain yanked. If you took all the cuts ‘revealed’ at this point & added them to all the areas not talked about I am willing to bet it’s more than the 85B..We’ll keep on hearing about those wasckely wepublians & how bad they are…let’s show ’em what ‘bad’ is & vote them all out

    • Great question. I’ve known several soldiers who did go into the military specifically to take advantage of the GI Bill. This loss will take many well qualified, intelligent high school graduates out of the enlistment picture, further weakening our military.