Dear Hostess Workers, How’s that Job Search Coming?

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  • Union promises jobs that #1 don’t exist elsewhere or #2 will again ‘trap’ American workers simply wanting to care for their families. #3 Union numbers are falling as workers flee their chains…hmmm one might think I am not ‘union-minded’ & they’d be right. Union (in the past) served a purpose, but like some old houseshoe & congressmen have long lost their value. It, even w/ super wages, is a form of shackles. There remains only the ‘water front thugs’ & the blue collar American that simply wants to see his family taken care of & is responsible enough to work (at any cost). The Union Dias is large & elevated to shout “Let them eat cake” (no pun intended) while we dine on steak & your government Been there & done that…..