Dear Hostess Workers, How’s that Job Search Coming?

By | March 12, 2013

Hostess twinkiesThe buyout firms Apollo Global Management, LLC and Metropoulos & Co. have agreed to purchase the Hostess and Dolly Madison cake brands, including Twinkies. Recall that after the Hostess company closed its plants and declared bankruptcy after its unions went on strike in November.

The proposed buyout includes the brands, bakeries and some of the equipment but requires bankruptcy court approval before the sale will be final.

The new buyers promise to bring back the popular Hostess products including Twinkies, Ding Dongs, and HoHos. They also state that they will be providing jobs around the country. However, it is unknown how many of the 18,500 former Hostess workers will find work as the buyers plan to outsource distribution and produce snacks in existing bakeries causing union promises of replacement jobs to be in question.



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One thought on “Dear Hostess Workers, How’s that Job Search Coming?

  1. Jan Brown

    Union promises jobs that #1 don’t exist elsewhere or #2 will again ‘trap’ American workers simply wanting to care for their families. #3 Union numbers are falling as workers flee their chains…hmmm one might think I am not ‘union-minded’ & they’d be right. Union (in the past) served a purpose, but like some old houseshoe & congressmen have long lost their value. It, even w/ super wages, is a form of shackles. There remains only the ‘water front thugs’ & the blue collar American that simply wants to see his family taken care of & is responsible enough to work (at any cost). The Union Dias is large & elevated to shout “Let them eat cake” (no pun intended) while we dine on steak & your government Been there & done that…..

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