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4 thoughts on “Ashley Judd could be the next Senator from Kentucky

  1. Jan Brown

    “Surely you jest” is a printable first reaction. Then I thought ‘Why not?” She appeared on HeeHaw, toured County fairs with her mom & sis, then married a NASCAR driver from Argentina (*?) all with a straight face and that might well be more than some of our illusterous legislators have. Aside from the residence issue, do ya think the lack of common sense will work against her?

    1. Cindi Post author

      Jan………… siiiiggghhhh…. where do I even begin? Quite honestly, I think the American public is stupid enough to vote for her JUST BECAUSE of her name. Part of me wants to believe otherwise, that they will, instead, vote for someone along the lines of Rand Paul. However, if we put Mitch McConnell against her….. Mr. Howdy-Doody himself, as gullible and fickle as America has become…. I don’t think her residence issue OR her lack of common sense will matter. It’s all about the “reality tv” society we’ve become… if she looks good, who cares what comes out of her mouth? I hope I am wrong. I really do! We DESPERATELY need 500 more Rand Paul’s, Ted Cruz’s and Mike Kelly’s!

      1. Jan Brown

        Now, Cindi, you know I like & respect you…but have extra beads on my rosary to pray you are wrong!!! I’m just sure ‘alien bodysnatchers’ made a grab for old Mitch & just shagged the brain… Come on Kentucky!! Find your Cruz missle & fire a challange for McConnell…I’ll help get him/her will Cindi..besides Ashley sings off key & doesn’t phrase.

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