Armed Federal Agents To Impose Obamacare on States

By | March 26, 2013

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4 thoughts on “Armed Federal Agents To Impose Obamacare on States

  1. Smoke Fire

    I wonder what the body count will be. There are people and states that will not abide by this tyranny.

  2. JessicaM

    Excellent article, Bob. You brought out some thought provoking points. Keep up the good work.

  3. Guy Average

    I agree. The Rule of Law is now ignored by the Ruling Class. How much difference is there between Oligarchy and Tyranny? Better, how far is the fall from Oligarchy to Tyranny?

    1. Bob Russell Post author

      When I refer to a dictatorial oligarchy I mean the political parties allied against We the People to impose tyranny on us. A pure dictatorship, to me, is one party rule (such as Nazi Germany, or Communist China)where we have two parties that are different in name only.

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