Agent sneaks dummy bomb past two TSA checkpoints

By | March 8, 2013

The Transportation Security Administration is tasked with keeping the flying public safe after 9/11 by using sometimes intrusive measures to ensure dangerous individuals with potential weapons never make it on board an airplane.
While TSA agents have an unsavory reputation for focusing too much attention on searching babies, the handicapped, and the elderly instead of, say, realistic security threats, many Americans still believe the agency is doing its job overall.
Unfortunately, that assumption might have been proven wrong during a recent undercover operation by fellow TSA agents.
Four agents took part in the operation, posing as ordinary civilians attempting to make their way through Terminal B at Newark Airport.
In one case, a member of the team was able to stroll past security with a simulated explosive device similar to that used by Richard Reid, the so-called shoe bomber.
According to one source, the agent got through a magnetometer and physical pat-down without the fake bomb tucked away in his pants being discovered.
Though the agency has not released details of the incident, reports indicate just one of the undercover agents was stopped as a result of the operation. Reports note the individual had “a simulated IED inside … a child’s doll” which was found by security only because of “wires sticking out” of the doll.
Who cares if the TSA can’t identify threats unless wires attached to a bomb are actually exposed? I’m sure the $50 million the agency just spent on uniforms will make your next flight much safer and more enjoyable!
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