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2 thoughts on “A Society Of Victims, We Can Thank Liberals for That Too

  1. Jan Brown

    Divide & Conquer..working at its best. “Victims” are often people searching for idenity & the Liberals seem over anxious to give them one, or two or three. WOW now they really are ‘somebody’…and elite Liberals can still retain ‘superiority’..gee, a win win’re one of these 2 “limited’ groupings. ‘Victims” are often the most UNinformed & migrate to the ‘strangers bearing the most gifts…This is not a world of ‘realitiy’ it is a world of what they WANT reality to be. ..I pray that Conservatives don’t fall into the trap of “buying” support, but teach & speak out loud the truths.

    DISCLAIMER: The use of ‘victims’ is meant only to apply in the political sense, NOT any other unjustly treated persons.

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