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2014 Senate race update

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  1. “Pure moonshine”, heh? 2014 may well turn out to be a very good year, after all…Having been a part of the copper tubing & mason jar age I recall there were some ‘good times had by all’ wrapped in brown paper bags…’Moonshine” is as American as apple pie…just like elections…. “It” has a way of burning your throat & maybe sweat some. But, when it hits bottom, all sorts of crazy things happen! It brings courage & motivation to a peak..Now, imbibbers generally seek company of like mind & join others in frank discussions of solving problems..So, Together they may well find a candidate & work to get them elected. When it comes to ‘passion’ & love of God & Country, never,ever, underestimate a Conservative American. (with or without moonshine)

    These are truly the “times that try men’s souls” & I believe we have reached the end of ‘that’ rope. We KNOW what we must do…& do it now!

    Can we take all open or incumbent seats? ZM, you say “No”. You may be right,..Is would be ideal, but highly unlikely, Yet each WIN is another step closer to healing this, our GREAT NATION! Curing apathy is a major step & requires everyone’s effort.

    We have a CHOICE..we can adopt Hillary’s “Who cares” attitude..give up & give in,or we can pass that mason jar in it’s brown paper bag around & inspire others to GET OUT & VOTE!!!

    We all have our ‘theories’ and we all are in one way or the other somewhat correct…THE important part, is ,that WE ALL WANT THE SAME THING… & working UNITED is the only way we can get there….Whatever, your ideas are, whatever direction you choose ‘work it’, don’t sit on the sidelines..Our Beloved Country needs your help…or it will bleed to death..

    Thanks Zigler, for your continued insight…