Wiping Out America’s Greatness

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  • Attitudes are as contagious as small pox or typhoid & can be eqully destructive. If you can take ‘exceptionalism’ out of the conversation long enough, people will forget it exists & become lulled into a ‘new normal’ almost without visable signs. Once an epidemic of ‘why bother’ virus has spread & contaminatd the multitudes, CONTROL is much easier. This is coupled with bondage & slavery. (an apparent goal of this administration)

    Research has shown at various times that people do try to live up to expections. If no level of achievement is set there’s not much to strive for. Then there was also included findings on ‘over’ complementing & praise making a person ‘think’ they’d reached their limit of accomplishment.

    No expections = no exceptional

  • You’re on the right track. How about “Obliterating Exceptionalism: A chronicle of Obama’s Politically Correct Progressive destruction of America”