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Why The Sequester Is Important

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  1. I’m pretty sure math was not your strong suit in high school. Defense is 16% of the budget. Why is it fair to divide the cuts 50/50 between that one Federal Department (Defense) and all of the other Federal Departments? (Agriculture, Treasury, Interior, State, Housing and Urban Development, Education, Labor, Commerce, Energy, Health and Human Services, Justice, Transportation, Veteran Affairs and Homeland Security) How is that even remotely equitable? And why isn’t Congress and the White House sharing in those cuts equally, as well? What makes Defense any more “discretionary” than any other government spending?
    Additionally, how can sequestration be considered even remotely a good thing if 350,000 people working for the government are given an immediate 20% pay cut and sent home one day a week? The government is inefficient now. Can you imagine what it’s going to be like for the next 22 weeks after the furloughs begin with 1/5 the staffing? And could YOU afford to lose 1/5 of your pay overnight? Can you imagine that ripple effect on the economy?
    Frankly, based on those two nonsense statements alone…I have to suspect you don’t have any idea what you’re talking about. Have a nice Sequestration!

  2. How do you cut from a ‘budget’ when there is no budget??? Curious isn’t it? DCites may think it’s crazy, but, what’s wrong with ‘cut spending’ by eliminating duplicate programs, passing ‘clean’ bills, halting support of “drinking habits of the Austrailian male” (yes, that’s real,) cut excess personnel to include czars …”Sequestration” is an example of the leadership from the White House. Devastating as it would be .it might well the ‘lesser of the evils”. Another ‘temporary fix’ sends its own negative vibes across the Nation & the World.

    To all of our elected legislators I say “Put your politics in your pocket & think of our Country instead of your own re-election…..or there may be no home left to go home to..