Why isn’t the White House concerned about record numbers of Americans getting injured?

By | February 6, 2013

Immigration, free cell phones for the unemployed, cuts to discretionary spending and gun control are all at the top of the President’s to-do list, but why isn’t the growing number of Americans getting injured a concern?

The Social Security Administration released new figures showing that the number of Americans on disability has increased to a new record. 8,830,026 Americans collected disability checks in January. That means that there are 13 people working for every person collecting disability.  Of course, those 13 are also supporting social security, medicare, medicaid and now free phones for the unemployed.

The real question – what on earth is disabling so many American citizens? Surely those people are actually unable to work and not just collecting a handout. So what is the government failing to do?

Is OSHA unable to keep workplace injuries under control? Is the National Transportation Safety Board becoming less able to promote traffic safety? Are we becoming clumsier as a nation?

In the late 1960’s more than 50 workers were supporting each disabled person. At the going rate, we’ll have more people disabled than actually working – clearly an epidemic of injury.


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