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Whole Foods Removes Chicken Ad Featuring Obama

One Whole Foods store in New York City found itself in hot water after a passerby complained that their ad signage was offensive.chicken sale
The above storefront advertisement featured a likeness of President Obama informing patrons there would be a special one day organic chicken sale.

The man who complained about the sign stated that it is offensive to associate the black president with fried chicken.  Always mindful of being politically correct Whole Foods removed sign.

Personally, I would find it more offensive that the president appeared to be shouting and angry more than the idea that he might be associated with Southern Food, as he is not and has never been connected to Southern US.

Perhaps the sign board with a scolding Obama might be better featuring vegetables, as the president did tell us we must eat our peas.

But that probably would offend many pea eaters.

Personally, I’m filing this under, “Oh, for crying out loud.”

Will we ever be brave enough to tolerate not being politically correct?

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  1. “Personaly” I’m offended to see ‘him’ eat chicken or anything else while creating the largest food stamp dependency in history waiting for that ‘chicken in every pot’