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White House Release: President Obama on the Sequester

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  1. The Fraudulent President Speaks again!! “Blah, blah, blah, blah!” I see no point in listening to his lies! His mouth is open – he’s lying!
    All he is saying is; “This isn’t my fault. It is the fault of Congress – or anyone else but me!”

    Mr. Obama would like to do away with Congress. That Branch of the Government is so impetuous. We can’t get anything done! Just think what Mr. Obama could do if he didn’t have to go thru Congress!

    Hey! Obie! That’s the point! Read the Constitution! The power of the government is meant to be spread out so that none of you can “King George” up on us!
    You need to stop being a butt-head, take the responsibilities your office was designed for (and no more!) and work WITH Congress! You do not have a mandate to revise this Nation in your image! When you act like an Arrogant Bully you look like you are pee-ing on the Constitution!!

    Write your congressman and raise a Roe for his Impeachment!

  2. The ‘I, Me, My’ man cometh once again. IF he takes a stand on this or anything, it done with feet made of clay…All of this from a man? that can’t deliver a balanced budget in four long years.(Oops, my bad, he did deliver one that even the Democrats voted uninamously down) He offers only general ‘approaches’ to just about everything. Has anyone heard anything specific as to WHAT cuts he has offered? He led the Democrate controlled Senate down this rabbit hole & now is scrambling for a way out. It doesn’t take a ‘whiz kid’ in math or accounting to figure that 40 some odd czars, newly appointed ‘committee heads’ & staff, AF-1 staying in the air several time a week for (campaign) stops is just a shade expensive. As are those ‘outings’ by Moochele…you can bet the farm, these things aren’t on his ‘cut’ list….forgot..he already has the farm.

    Sometimes you have to hit bottom to bounce back up. $85B is alot of money & would ‘hurt’. But when compared to the trillions….???

    Whatevr your feelings toward sequestration is, please don’t be infunced by well calculate ‘scare’ tatics.