What no one is telling us about Feinstein’s gun legislation – Part 1

By | February 7, 2013

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2 thoughts on “What no one is telling us about Feinstein’s gun legislation – Part 1

  1. WillofLa

    Dianne Feinstein is a criminal. She and her husband were involved in “war profiteering” during the Iraq war when she was head of the appropriations committee. When it was leaked that she had awarded ten billion dollars worth of contracts to her husbands companies working in Iraq, she conveniently excused herself from the committee for a few weeks until she dealt with whoever or whatever generated the stories. After she saw that no more was going to be exposed about her crimes she reappointed herself back to committee head where she resumed awarding contracts for work done in Iraq. She didn’t have to award anymore to her husbands companies since he had made hundreds of millions of dollars worth of profit that she and her husband enjoyed. This woman and her husband should be wearing orange jumpsuits not firs and jewelery, vacation homes in France, and expensive cars. I say that without knowing what they do with their money, because I wonder, what do rich people like her and Nancy Pelosi after her and her husband made thirteen million on insider trading on stocks during a sell off where it was leaked to the press of the profits she made. Then she conveniently declaired that little known Congressional rule removed since she admits that after all, no one else gets to do that legally. But she got to keep all the money, just like Ms. Feinstein got to keep all her blood money to.

  2. Jan Brown

    Good Grief! Here you give us ‘facts’ & accurate info…just when I thought Nancy whatshername had made it vogue to “passing the bill first to find out what in it”…looking forward to Part II & III

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