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Veteran organization refuses Christian school’s donation

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  1. Our bar donated to WWP last year but after reading the articles regarding the affiliations they do not accept support from we have decided to support The Silver Star Families of America. They are not a paid organization. They are comprised of volunteers and 97 cents of every dollar goes to the cause. If you were looking for a good charity give them a call.

  2. WWP also refuses to accept donations from any firearms related industry or group. In fact the mere mention of the word “gun” will cause them to run screaming into the night. The representative of WWP was given the opportunity to clarify this idiotic policy on Tom Gresham’s radio show. They took the time to solidify this position. There are plenty of groups who are happy to accept our donations. WWP, get some people with brains. Not trains, because you’ve got a “Loco”.

  3. This is very sad. Obama has firmly planted the seed of communism and will destroy this country. The liberals have absolutely no respect for the constitution in fact i think they hate every word in it. My good friends at Liberty Baptist Church, please continue doing your good deeds and i recommend you donate your money to the Oath Keepers. The true defenders of the constitution (unlike our current administration), made up of active and retired military and policeman .