Tutoring Program For Colored Only? School Changes Mind.

By | February 14, 2013

Ouch. This doesn’t help race relations.

A Colorado school wanted to offer a bridge program to students who needed academic assistance. But when they sent out advertisements to families the program was listed as only open to minority children. A point which was reiterated by the principal. However, following backlash from parents and the media, the district changed it mind and the program is now open to all students who need help.

A few years ago my daughter was involved as teacher in a bridge program also designed to help minority students transition into college. The first year the program quickly filled with outstanding students (mostly white) who were looking for a jump start at the university. The program wasn’t reaching it’s designated target. But instead of offering the program to only minorities the administration opened it to those with specific academic recommendations from teachers. One wonders if this Colorado district shouldn’t have done the same.

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