To Know Obama,Think the Opposite!!!

By | February 20, 2013

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2 thoughts on “To Know Obama,Think the Opposite!!!

  1. San Rafael Blue

    We need to accept the New Normal, where an American President lies openly, often, and with deliberate personal offense critics. Many on the Left do know that ‘He Lies’, but chose to rationalize and justify it. He lies to protect you, he lies for the people, right?

    This is how Cults of Personality begin. I recall the Jim Jones Guyana tragedy of 1978. I have never forgoten to horror at what level of degradation some people will accept in order to feel ‘safe’.

  2. San Rafael Blue

    I think that we are living through historic times in American Society. The majority of the public appears comfortable with their ignorance, and anyone who points out the obvious deficiencies of this Obama government will be villified and shunned by society’s useful idiots, read, media’s-mouth-movers, has-been or wanna-be movie stars and degenerate celebrities, who find great success in the open display of immorality.

    I do not know when of if the momentum will change, but its’ going to take time and an individual’s courage of conviction.

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