The Sequester Lie

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  • Great coverage of the situation as it is. In my city the Sunday paper’s lead story was from the NY Times, and every imaginable service which anyone values was predicted to be virtually destroyed by the Sequester.

    Anyone with half a brain and even a vague knowledge of about how much the federal government actually does and spends could immediately smell the odor of BS wafting from the newsprint. But, especially when reinforced by their choice or choices from the list of the Six Socialist TV Network Sisters and NPR, the intention is clearly to put as much of the voting population as possible in panic mode by making them believe that any semblence of security, prosperity and humanitarianism will vanish if this paltry amount is cut from the government’s allowance.

    • Thanks much. Please share with everyone you know. We need for people to get busy making their thoughts known, not that it will do much good but we need to try.

  • Excellent commentary Bob.I agree and it is so frustrating that we have to choose between dem and repub liberals.I have a similiar commentary here.Sean Hannity has been excellent in exposing these people also and giving the facts about these false accusations.

    • Jim, thanks much. Please share this on facebook or anywhere else. People need to know and understand what is happening. Hopefully we can make a difference. God Bless You.