That Ted Cruz Is So Canadian

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  • Ted Cruz’s “bursting” on the scene isn’t an accident. After he was ‘totally vetted’ thousands of Texans put on their walking shoes & went street by street in hundreds of towns throughout the state, handing out flyers,putting out yard signs, writing letters to editors,calling into talk radio etc….Ted took the time &visited small towns, many of which were too poor to ‘fund raise’., but he listend & answered questions. It takes alot of heavy lifting to get the ‘underdog’ in office over the establishment candidate….You can do the same in your State….Ted Cruz is doing ‘exactly’ what we expected. I fully understand that the ‘nestors’ in DC don’t like having their feathrs ruffled…to them Get over it.(maybe they should look over their shoulders, their own state may get a new sheriff in town)

    He’s not a knight in shinning armour, He IS OUR SENATOR & we’re proud of it!!