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2 thoughts on ““Taxpayers for Common Sense” and CAGW caught lying to the Congress

  1. SnitchInTime

    The author is correct. These are all essential defense systems in an increasingly dangerous world. Not that the libs cry crocodile tears over constitutionally mandated defense spending all the while refusing to so much as cut a nickel from wasteful social programs that have no support in the Constitution. Welcome to the liberal reality inversion.

  2. LeRoy Matthews

    Study my Letter on [email protected].
    Your claim that almost every OFFENSIVE Military Funding Program is utterly necessary obviously doesn’t make any damn sense.
    The so-called “federal government”is not only Bankrupt, & Head- Over- Heels In Debt, It’s Operating Way in The Red, & Has A Huge & Increasing, Budget Deficit. Various Famous Economists, such as Professor Laurence Kotlikoff of Boston University, claim that what they call “the National Debt” is actually about $228 Trillion, & going up about $1 Trillion a month. There’s virtually zero $ for anything whatsoever.
    (To find my Letter, try searching for Crazy Inbox.)

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