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29 thoughts on “SCOTUS Employees Caught withholding legal documents from Supreme Court Justices

  1. Tom

    Why can’t we take back our country, And Impeach this guy? get of some of the Congressmen and some worthlless senator’s

  2. John

    These clerks need to be given the pink slip post haste and this breach of legal ethics needs to become a permanent part of their records. Someone in the White House needs to be exposed and fired, possibly the POTUS.



  4. ALHL

    This is terrible, Obama seems to have total control. Hopefully, SCOTUS will get to the bottom of this and clean house.

  5. Mildred

    The Justice Deparment may not arrest Holder, but the House of Representatives can impeach him for high crimes and misdemeanors and if we have any decent Senators they will convict him and if we have SC justices with any integrity they will remove him from office. We need a steady stream of protesters sitting in Washington to protest the entire government, the most corrupt government in the Western World.

  6. don

    Sad thing is, there is nothing you can do about it. Except for this last scenario, all the rest has been old news and no matter if it was treasonous, the dems have THEIR man in position. Even the Justice Department avowed that they would not arrest Holder for anything.
    NO I am afraid Obanana has full control and he is gaining in that department, or way ask milatary brass if they would fire upon American citizens or why order over 2 billion bullets not only for the HS but for the VA and the NOAA and the SS???
    Does anyone at all get the picture?
    It is too late to do anything legal, at least within the bounds of our laws as they exist today.
    Your friends the Dems, for the most part have been hoodwinked too but they are faithful to the party and not to America so even if they suspected, they would turn a blind eye to all the evidence.
    If it ever does get out and we are able to prosecute, all involved should be arrested and charged, bar none.

    1. Jan Brown

      Don, your feelings are share by many from about every walk of life. True, ther is very little, if anything, we can do TODAY…however there is TOMMROW. 2014 will put 23 Senate seats up, at least 8 are Democrats. IF we roll up our sleeves & sweat, we CAN take the Senate back & keep the House. Again, if, we do it right we can hold back the tide of destruction & begin reconstruction. Line up with Tea Party like groups or even like minded people in any organization & start NOW, beating the bushes. There are Mark Rubios & Ted Cruzs in every state. Cruz, especially, was considered the underdog with no chance against the established Lt Gov….We found “our” candidate, put on walking shoes & covered blocks one door at a time, handed out flyers,, made phone calls, whatever it took..It was hard work, but payoff was had…With these elections in sight, more attention will be paid to constituients letters, call & faxes. YOU tell THEM what their job is!!!…There are time when you think no one will step up & do these things, but you might be suprized that how many just need a nudge & are waiting to be asked…If you write a letter to 25 people & ask them to do the same to 25 more etc. it adds up….when you want a job done right, sometimes you just have to do it yourself.

      We can’t wait until the storm passes to act, We must pull out the umbrellas & risk getting wet now. Today is our tommrow

      1. don

        Great comeback and answer Jan!!

        Now I need to do the dirty work and roll up my sleeves and put my hand to the plow.

        Thanks again Jan


        1. Jan Brown

          You’re very welcome, Don. I’ll take that as your promise to get involved. Yesterday I was ONE AMERICAN, now I am TWO..let’s make us three…It’s tough going up hill so If I can help you with that plow, let me know. After all “What we sow, we shall reap”

          Do you, by chance know a city council member or State Legislator?

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