SCOTUS Employees Caught withholding legal documents from Supreme Court Justices

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  • Does not surprise any of us who know that a real muslim will lie, cheat, steal and ect…???? to get the ultimate goal of destroying the country that has helped so many people all over the world to be free and stay free just to let one unscrupulous person to gain for himself at the expense of all others. We know what HE is and what HE stands for, so now what are “WE THE PEOPLE” going to do about it.
    As quoted: The only way to let evil exist is for good men to do nothing.

  • Is this document for real??

  • We the people must get to the bottom of this. Corruption from polling booths to the Supreme Court. Call and keep calling your Congress person until we get action.

    • Sad thing is too many of them in Congress are in the same boat. They have been ignoring this whole scam for years even when proof was put in their face! So who can we trust and count on?

  • When the dominoes fall I hope Sheriff Joe Arpaio is granted the honor of putting the cuffs on the impostor! He and his posse worked long and hard to bring the truth out and he deserves the glory and honor of putting the impostor in cuffs and taking him to tent city! (One can dream) Please keep up the fight and don’t give in the United States of American Citizens deserve the truth and justice for all that has been done to our wonderful country by him and his Anti-American administration!

  • With such clear evidence of erroneous or fraudulent filings of affidavits, why has there been NO official FEDERAL actions to investigate their authenticity? Failure to do so by SO MANY officials seems to indicate a conspiracy of actions or inactions!

    This also leads to the question of WHY? Are they withholding actions as this might tend to cause a MAJOR disruption in our government? Or, ARE they also covering up their own adjacent acts of corruption by continuing the pretense of having a legitimate President in office?

    This is NO reason to continue malfeasance or corruption in offices, as there is NO excuse for performing a criminal act to cover ANOTHER criminal act! Something is SERIOUSLY rotten in Washington, D.C.!

  • 02.16.2013.

    Dear Mr. Goodlatte,

    On 12.11. 2013 Attorney Dr. Orly Taitz, ES filed an application for stay on behalf of plaintiffs in Noonan et al v Bowen et al 12 A 606.

    What’s with the date on this?

    • Carol andrikides… I agree. There are questionable things in the filing. Interesting note to add… when I posted the article, I had to go through and fix capitalization on the heading portion.

      (Since you are not the only one that has addressed this, I am going to continue this conversation, with more thoughts, in the other comment, so this one doesn’t get too lengthy.)

  • While I can see many probably true statements in this ‘article’, I also see some glaring errors that cause me to question the validity of it.
    First of all the date at the beginning of the article is listed as a filing date of 12.11.2013 and that date hasn’t arrived yet.
    Later in the article mentions an ‘inauguration date’ of January 19, 2008. That date was NOT an inauguration day.

    • Ted, I agree. (Continuing from the comment reply to Carol andrikides… I agree. There are questionable things in the filing. Interesting note to add… when I posted the article, I had to go through and fix capitalization on the heading portion.)

      Ted, you are right… there are many statements that are probably true. Is this valid, or not? Not to steal Fox New’s “catch phrase”, but… we report, you decide.

      The sad thing is, there are so many things that are not right about this Administration. To fight a battle, especially of this magnitude, you have to be prepared.

      Interestingly, a Press Release should be picture perfect. Obviously, this one was not. It does bring a lot of questions to the surface. If it is a valid claim, and just a lot of typos, it does not help in fighting the battle.

  • What were the names of the specific clerks, and what are there party affiliations?

    • I knew that Orly Taitz would get screwed with her case against Obama. This is the same pattern with all the other cases against Obama.

  • Good GRIEF! Just how far and wide does this cover up go?!

    Never give up! The truth of the matter will all come out someday, along with all the names of those who had a role to play in the betrayal of their country.

    • AL, this is nothing more than Hugo Chavez or the Castro boys on steroids, we are now a third world country.

  • Please correct the spelling on the title. It gives the wrong impression this is about Boy Scouts. Thanks- very interesting article