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Saturday May 25th, 2013: 10 Million Gun Owners March On Washington D.C.

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  1. is there a facebook page for this ? i will do what i can ! and i do plan on being there !

  2. People should be strongly encouraged to attend, but for those who legitimately can’t go, there should be local events across the country organized on the previous day for a nation-wide showing and promotion of the Washington event the following day.

  3. Wouldn’t be surprised if the government plants “protesters” in the crowd to start trouble. If there is any unsafe behavior during the rally, nip it at the bud before it turns into a CNN story!

  4. Wish I could be there but unlike the OWS turds I actually work for a living and cannot afford to take the time off.

    • I also work but I will be taking the day off and you should also take off to attend. This is about our way of life in America and about what kind of country are kids and grandkids will grow up in. Please reconsider, you owe it to the older and younger Americans who cannot attend to stand and say enough is enough.

  5. I will be there, I will pass this along, this needs the widest dissemination possible. Does the NRA know about this?

  6. There are two campsites. Greenbelt (google greenbelt campground) to the north of DC. No electricity but nice showers and metro can be taken from the universtity (don’t go to the closest metro station, not safe). You will need to purchase card to exit the university parking garage. You can donate used cards to the campground so others can use it. Groceries, gas, etc. can be found right outside the campground exit.

    The second campground offers all the amenities including electricity. This campground is more expensive. Google “Lake Pohick campground”. Wonderful Italian restaurant (Vennies) nearby. Metro station easy on/off (next exit) xway.

  7. Keep the gun laws in mind that includes even magazines…This will be a sight to see!!!

  8. The planning better start now. when and were does it start?

  9. I’ll be there