Rubio on CBS: Hey, I Wasn’t Even Around for DADT…

By | February 13, 2013

senator rubioIn a follow up interview from his Republican Response speech, Marco Rubio had an opportunity to explain further some of his personal positions. In this CBS Morning clip the senator acknowledges that he, like many, agree with some of the president’s comments from the State of the Union address, including finding actual solutions for gun violence. However, he noted strong disagreement with many of the president’s proposals particularly raising the minimum wage.

On a personal note, I had to chuckle when Rubio took Norah O’Donnell to task after her criticisms were shown to be without merit. Maybe Ms. O’Donnell will get her facts straight next time.

And yes, the senator did laugh at his awkward water moment.

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One thought on “Rubio on CBS: Hey, I Wasn’t Even Around for DADT…

  1. L. Fallis

    Marco Rubio always comes across as sincere and straight forward. The interviewer seemed to be looking for negatives and still, he answered openly, without skipping around the issues as most politicians are so prone to do.
    So many of these ‘gotcha lines’ are cases of altering the intended message. I believe he skillfully corrected each that was presented.

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