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Retaking the Senate in 2014 is pure moonshine

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  1. Zbigniew,

    I hope you are wrong and I fear you are right.

    I begrudge no one for praying. But I don’t because there isn’t anyone there to hear – much less have the power to intervene. But I’m not interested in debating beliefs. Everything that happens to mankind is either of the natural world or of its own making. And people are stupid – they will Emo out of the real value of a Candidate on some frivolous statement with self-righteous indignation! “Oh! He said that about rape? WELL!” I won’t vote for him no matter even if I am to become a slave.” You cannot count on the rational of a human being. Most of them need to be told WHAT THEY THINK!

    I have recently joined the Sons of Liberty. I support action!

    If the Tea Party wants to win – I want them to win!! – then they need to capture the moderate, complacent, middle of the road – and yes! Socialist-Loving minds of Americans who just want to eat chips, watch football, and ignore the Wall that is about to fall on them…

    God might be a source of hope, but YOU and I are the source of action. I am all for Christian Values because they are the Ancient Values of pre-civilized mankind and the best Values that Co-exist with the ONE RIGHT this planet offers any of the being that lives on it; “The Right to ATTEMPT to Survive!”

    In this day and age MONEY equals action, first. After that it is either slavery and death or a physical struggle – and death! The Strongest will exercise its Terra Firma “Right” to survive over the weak! Right and wrong has nothing to do with it – those are human inventions!

    We need to be the strong! We will be strong in this country by numbers. Numbers will be acquired with a message! The message will be spread with Money!

    Sorry to be so blunt. I respect everyone’s human rights to believe as they wish. But let us not make the mistake (that which the Progressive left has not only ignored but, worse, believes it can abolish) the absolute rule of NATURAL LAW still in place on this Planet! The progressives are STUPID because they are even now playing right into NATURAL LAW (thinking themselves wise they became FOOLS!).

    I support Bob Russell and all of the Tea Party Voices. But it will be miraculous if we can change the political landscape between now and Next Year. Miraculous! In the meantime we need to fight the same kind of fight we fought in the Pacific in 1942. Smart! Doggedly! Deliberately holding the tide! And as one Voice (stop bickering!)!