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Police “Requested” Shooting Targets of Pregnant Women

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  1. This is crazy that they would call
    them no hesitation targets, scary stuff!

  2. HLS has done a 380* from it’s intended purpose of serving as a central coordinating/collection point of all security intelligence agencies to enhance our security, rather than acting totally independent of each other. Janet Noncompentano, with help, has managed to proved herself perfectably capable of messing up & destroying the concept. Like ‘magic’ she has converted it into a WEAPON AGAINST the very ones she swore to protect….She ‘practiced’ & honed her destructive powers in Arizona, making her the perfect choice for the Macavillian in the White House’s team….Graphic, realistic videos are used by our military to ‘accustom’ & de-sensitize the men & women to lessen brutalities that come with armed combat…..I remember the children on the back of water buffalo in Viet Nam….Still, looking at amunition buys, proposed gun laws, rumored ‘camps’ selling of drones in middle east, erasing borders…does cause ‘thinking’ people to wonder ….just when & where the other shoe drops…

    Risking to sound like a broken record….2014 elections are vital….get involved