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Religion under attack in America!

It is my opinion, and I do believe, that religion of any kind is under attack here in America. However, the primary targets, for now, are Christian. Let’s start with the pope announcing his resignation due to health issues. The news was a big deal both inside and outside of the Catholic community. Many Catholics were saddened to hear of ...

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Student reprimanded, demeaned for ‘inappropriate’ shirt promoting abstinence

Administrators at a Florida middle school recently targeted a student they felt violated the school’s proper attire guidelines by wearing a T-shirt she brought home from a Christian youth conference. Participants in The Silver Ring Thing promise to postpone sex until after marriage and Summer Schreiner sported a souvenir from the event as part of her school wardrobe. The shirt, ...

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Why Romney REALLY lost, and how to win in the future

There is a dangerous myth circulating around the Net that Mitt Romney lost because he was not “conservative enough”, that millions of Republican voters supposedly stayed home on Election Day, and that the way to win future elections is to nominate “the most conservative candidate”. Any GOP problems with women, youngsters, and minorities are being explained away by claiming that ...

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Women May Be Required to Register for Draft


Ending the ban on women in combat may have dire consequences for all American women. While a bi-partisan campaign is being waged by two Representatives to to end draft registration in the United States, if Charlie Rangel gets his way, their proposal will not only be ignored, but completely turned around to make it MANDATORY for an expansion of the draft to ...

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God, Guts, and Guns: Defeating The “Common Sense” Gun Control Lie

2nd Amendment Eagle

Well, here we go again with the “common sense” gun control laws.  Republican Senators are about to do their normal surrender of our rights again.  A “bi-partisan” Gang of Howmany is sitting down behind closed doors to decide how to subvert the Constitution of the United States of America, AGAIN!!!  It matters not that We the People pay them to ...

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New Obama PAC Gives Donors Special Access. Surprised?

chuck todd

When MSNBC calls you out you know it’s bad. Reporting on a New York Times article Chuck Todd of The Daily Rundown, stated that donors who raise and or contribute more than $500,000 to a new group called ‘Organizing for Action’ will gain special access to the president. Organizing for Action wants to raise $50 Million and convert Obama’s election ...

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Conservatism and Music

canorus (CC)

We politicize everything, it seems. Lately, it’s been seeping into the world of entertainment, particularly music. And if there’s one quick and easy way to make me furious, it is by screwing around in that arena. Anyone that pays attention to me on Twitter knows by now that I am a Spotify addict, but what they might not know is ...

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The Sequester Lie

Eagle- America Deserves Better

The big deal they are making over this sequester nonsense is giving me a headache.  I have made this point on several social network site discussions so I thought I would put it all together on one place.  Obama, his cabinet minions, and all of the members of Congress come out and say; Social Security checks will stop, meat plants ...

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Rebuttal of the “we can cut defense spending deeply at no cost to security” notion

In a recent 3-minute video, Christopher Preble of the CATO Institute falsely claimed that the US could “spending considerably less on defense at no cost to security”. That was just one of the many blatant lies made in the video; it, like others, was refuted in a recent article, but this lie was particularly blatant and egregious, and therefore, I ...

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Media,Dem and Obama Scare Tactics

Here we go again, just like under Clinton when budget cuts were on the table. The media then sounded off like the end of the world was coming. At that time they said Jellystone National Park would be closed and kids wouldn’t be able to take the sleigh rides through there. Now today the Obama mania media with their heads ...

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45 Gun and Ammo Suppliers Refuse Sales to 2nd Amendment unfriendly state

RAM Arms logo

Well despite all the doom and gloom that keeps our attention these days I read something that can shed some optimism. There are 44 gun suppliers that are refusing to ship firearms or ammunition to law enforcement agencies in states that are infringing on 2nd amendment rights. Barrett Firearms followed by the list of others who are doing the same. ...

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College charges returning soldier higher, out-of-state tuition rate

Brian Stone took four years off from college to do the most selfless thing a career-minded young man could do: he joined the military. Following his years in the U.S. Navy, Stone naturally re-enrolled in the University of Michigan. Upon receiving a large, unexpected statement from college creditors, he realized the school felt he no longer met the requirements for ...

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