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Liberals Sound Good On Paper

Has anyone else noticed that all these Liberal policies always look good on paper and in theory, but never seem to work in the real world. I truly believe that this country is on the decline because of Liberal views and policies. Healthcare for all sounds great; I mean after all, who would not want to give all people access to health care? Sounds great on paper, in theory also great, in reality it is a disaster. It is not until we start to dissect the entire bill that we find out what a disaster that bill really is. Everything that we were told by the Liberals about the bill was a total lie, such as:

Lower Premiums, LIE

Keep your doctor, LIE

Keep your healthcare plan, LIE

Lower healthcare costs, LIE

Will not cut Medicare. LIE

Everyone in America will be covered, LIE

No death panels, LIE

No rationing, LIE

It is not a tax, LIE

That is just a short list, if I was going to list all the lies, this article would be five pages long.

It is not only the healthcare bill, history is full of bills that were past that look great on paper and sound good in theory, but wind up being a disaster. Single mothers with children, who would want them to starve or live on the street, so there is a bill that takes care of them, gives the mother money to live and so much more for each child, sounds good. However, did anyone bother to look at the consequences of that bill, did anyone in Washington look ahead? Of course not, so what we have now are women who are having babies just so they can get the extra money every month, they don’t even care about the welfare of the baby. So, what happens is that every child that women has will be a drain on societies entitlements.

Welfare, taking care of people that cannot take care of themselves, looks good on paper and sounds good in theory, but what about the consequences of reality? People who are on welfare usually stay on welfare and it seems that it is also handed down to the next generation, it becomes a way of life for many people. Who can blame these people, they get everything thing they want and never have to work for it, that is some life, these people become slaves to the government.

Case in point, some years ago there was a story that broke nationwide about a women living in New Orleans who happens to be on welfare, her name was Sharon Jasper, here is a clip from the paper.

Sharon Jasper has spent 57 of her 58 years dedicated to one cause and one cause only, and has nothing to show for her dedicated servitude. She has lived in Section 8 housing all but one of her 58 years. This legacy was passed down from her parents, who moved into Section 8 housing in 1949 when Sharon was six months old. She has passed the legacy down to her own children, but fears they may have to get jobs to pay for the utilities and deposits that Section 8 is now requiring. She laments about her one year hiatus from the comfort of her Section 8 nirvana: “I tried it for a year… you know… working and all. It’s not anything I would want to go through again, or wish on anyone in my family, but I am damn proud of that year.”

Notice she said she feared her children might have to find work. She was also quoted as saying, “just because you pay for my house, my car, my big screen and my food, I will not be treated like a slave!” She said that because they were trying to reform welfare.


Ms. Jasper at home, by the way, she thinks she lives in a slum

This is one man’s opinion.



Wiping Out America’s Greatness

Political correctness and liberals are taking over our schools are brain washing our kids into not believing in the greatness of America and becoming more and more reliant on government becoming wards of the state.

In one high school the teacher made women students wear burkas and was teaching them to refer to muslim terrorists as freedom fighters. I guess he/she was one of the ones cheering when the trade center was attacked on 9/11 that time. In another school and several others they are teaching that the founding fathers and pilgrims were illegal immigrants and refer to them as “outsiders.” Under Obama speak, illegal immigrants are now “undocumented workers.” Minorities are now referred to as “upcoming majorities.” The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are ” overseas contingency operations” and not the war on terror. The Fort Hood massacre by a muslim major Hassan is referred to as “workplace violence.”

A young boy in high school came to the school with a marine t-shirt on depicting two guns crossed and was immediately suspended saying there was a school policy against depicting pictures of guns. I can almost understand that given recent events, but I would just have sent the kid home and change the shirt or have the parent come in with one he could change rather than suspend him.

Speaking of banning guns and pictures of guns, Guntersville (Ala.) Mayor Leigh Dollar is working with city officials to pass an ordinance that would give police the power to “disarm individuals” during a disaster, a chilling example of how the second amendment is being assaulted via the back door.

The new rule would allow authorities to confiscate guns of “unruly” people during an extreme weather event such as the April 2011 tornadoes or any other emergency.

“The ordinance states officers could disarm individuals, if necessary, reports ABC 31. “Dollar says the proposal is just way to give officers more authority to protect themselves.”

Dollar denied that the ordinance would be used to take away constitutional rights, but residents questioned why authorities would need to pass a new ordinance given that police already have the power to arrest citizens who are being “unruly,” whether armed or not.

Al l these things happening are contributing to the destruction of America under Obama which is what he wants. This is the transformation of America he talks about. This is the change he wants for America to become a socialist state. Don’t forget he went overseas and apologized for America calling us arrogant and dismissive towards the middle east countries in his speech in Cairo. He has stated that we shouldn’t be the number one power in the world and wants us more like France. Yeah right. Just look at the shape they are in and with him adding 6 trillion dollars and climbing to our national debt and spending a trillion more each year than we taking in, it won’t be long until we’re like Greece.

Obama said his Obamcare would only cost $900 billion. It is now up to two trillion dollars and counting as a government report says It will add $6.2 trillion to the deficit.

He recently sold 14 F16 jets and 200 Abram’s tanks  to Egypt’s muslim brotherhood. He was instrumental in lending his support to over throwing Mubarek and putting the muslim brotherhood in who hate Isreal and side with Iran in destroying Isreal and have imposed Sharia law in Egypt now. Obama said they are neither an alley or enemy now. At least Mubarek kept the peace with Isreal and was our alley..

I recently saw this reply to an article which I feel sums Obama and his minions up”

  • Lately, it seems like we’re all watching that Die Hard Movie in which the tech guy hacked into all the systems so he could create mass hysteria.

Then, having created fear, uncertainty, doubt and chaos on a huge scale, the villan proceeded to stage the largest heist in the history of the country. He was the inside guy at one point in time so he knew how to pull it off.

Obama is doing the same thing as the bad guy in the movie only Obama just has more power to create more fear and panic and chaos.

But unlike the villan in the movie, Obama is still pulling strings from the inside and has the media to provide him with cover.

We are living through Obama’s FIRESALE except Obama’s FIRESALE is not limited to computers as it is affecting news programming, the economy, all branches of government, the way people see the Constitution, the vitality of the Second Amendment, and more.

City Wants Power to 'Disarm Individuals' During Crisis...

Government Report: Obamacare to Add $6.2 Trillion to Deficit...




Help Wanted: New Generation of Founding Fathers

This is an openEagle- America Deserves Better letter to a new generation of founding fathers who I hope will stand up and “pledge their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor” to the cause of a restored Republic of the United States of America.  I am asking for leaders to lead; people with wealth, name recognition, and the trust of We the People to lead us into a revival of  the liberty once known by citizens of America.  It is time for a political party to represent the disenfranchised in both political parties and the Independents who have been disenfranchised for a very long time.

I speak to Allen West, Sarah Palin, Rand Paul, Jim DeMint, Ted Cruz, Ted Poe, Jason Chaffetz, Mike Lee, Ted Nugent, Glenn Beck, Kelsey Grammer, Bruce Willis, Jon Voight, Donald Trump, Thomas Sowell, Herman Cain, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Neil Boortz, Dr. Benjamin Carson, Pastor John Hagee, Pastor JamesAllen West Manning, and many others who just don’t come to mind right now.  You have the money, the name recognition, and the respect of the 67% of We the People who identify as TEA Party members or sympathizers.  I know there must be Democrats who are fed up with the Marxist tilt of their party also.

We have a plethora of people, black, white, red, yellow, and a few polka dotted ones, who are ready and willing to work to elect conservatives but are lacking in leadership. Neither political party represents the majority of, or even a plurality of, American citizens.  Both parties pander to the fringe on the left, the moochers and looters who live their lives with their hands out, and/or the military industrial complex that simply makes money off of war.

Politicians in both parties ignore the two-thirds of We the People who make this nation work.  Corruption is rampant and neither Rush Limbaughpolitical party has any intention of changing the status quo.  They make their fortunes and live a life of luxury off of the sweat of common people who just want a chance to be successful and become wealthy also.

The founders gave everything they had to forge a nation based on freedom and personal responsibility, with a focus on helping each other when in need. Many of them came out the other side destitute but free.  There are millions of Americans just like myself who have a desire to live free yet find ourselves condemned to voting for the lesser of two evils, evils that are working together behind the scenes to subjugate and enslave us.Sarah Palin

The Democrat Party has been full-fledged Marxist for many years now and the Republican Party is running as fast as they can to catch up with them.  John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Eric Cantor, Jeb Hensarling, John Cornyn, Orin Hatch, and the other RINO’s have not in the past, do not now, nor will they ever represent We the People who have conservative values.  They make huge promises to get our votes then spit in our faces as soon as they get in office.

I wrote a blog article not too long ago  reminding people of the promises John Boehner made in 2009/2010.  He has john-a-boehnernever fulfilled any of them, instead minimizing the influence of the TEA Party in 2010 and blaming us for the losses in 2012.  Karl Marx Rove has declared war on TEA conservatives and all but called us “enemies of the state”.  While he has been forced to grovel a bit we all know he meant what he said and will stab us in the back every chance he gets.

The New World Order globalists running both political parties despise everything our founders stood for, and so in turn despise everything I stand for as a conservative.  We the People need, not just one, but scores of heroes who will stake their fortunes on our future.  The founders did it and won a great crusade that established a freedom and a nation based on God given rights that has been the “shining city on a hill” (John Winthrop) for 237 years.

Republican governors are succumbing to the allure of millions of tax dollars to implement Obamacare in spite of the opposition of voters.  John Kasich in Ohio and Tim Scott in Florida are but  two prime examples of Republican politicians who were supported by TEA Party conservatives, got elected behind that support, and are now turning their backs on the promises they made and the people who supported and elected them.  There are more, including Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin, who publicly denounces Obamacare but works feverishly behind the scenes trying to implement it before We the People can stop it.  This duplicity is treason in my mind, and an offense that should be punished by impeachment at the very least.

During the 2012 campaign I worked with a man named John Albert Dummett Jr. who was running John Dummettfor president as a Republican.  John is just like me; a nobody who cares about his country and the legacy left behind by such great men as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Adams, Thomas Paine, Nathan Hale, and countless others who risked so much for liberty.  John Dummett is in this same class but doesn’t have the national stage of those I mentioned earlier.  His platform is one that conservatives everywhere can get behind.  He is a well-educated and well-spoken man who can stand with anyone when it comes to knowledge of our Constitution and the courage to “protect, defend, and uphold” same.  He should be a part of a new creation also.

When you look at demographics you find that 40% of Americans are Republican, 40% Democrat, and 20% Independent.  The TEA Party montage makes up 67% of We the People.  If all 20% of Independents identify as TEA people there are still 47% that have to come from somewhere, namely both political parties. Two-thirds of anything is a winning proposition.

It is time for real “change we can believe in”.  The outright lies and deceit of both political parties has reached a point that cannot be ignored by anyone who loves liberty.  I am as much of a patriot as anyone, but lack the financial resources and public stage to make the kind of difference that can be made by the rich and famous among conservatives.

We the People are here; looking for encouragement, direction, and confidence in a future as great as that established Eagle Changing Things I Cannotg Accept237 years ago with the defeat of Great Britain and the ratification of our founding document, The Constitution of the United States of America.

You people have the financial resources to get a party started and the fame to garner support from millions of Americans desperately seeking leaders they can believe in and count on.  If all of you and all of those other unnamed conservatives would band together with the various TEA Party factions, Freedom Works, and other organizations we could forge an unbeatable force for freedom that would rival the accomplishments of 1776.  Will you pledge “ your life, your fortune, and your sacred honor” to liberty?  I have no fortune but will pledge my life, my talents, and my sacred honor to the cause.  All I need is a direction and that isn’t available through the Republican Party.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

Bob Russell

Claremore, Oklahoma

February 26, 2013

The Shot Heard Around the World

“The shot heard around the world” is most commonly taught today to be the shot that started the Revolutionary War and America’s fight for freedom. However I believe that as time has gone on, the true meaning behind “the shot heard around the world” has been quite distorted, and this can easily be tied into the media narrative today.

Since the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, there has been a nasty haze looming over DC, figuratively speaking of course. The need to control guns and restrict our rights seems to be the number one issue on Capitol Hill and it has been that way since that fateful December morning.

If you have studied American history then you will understand that the basis of needing to separate from Britain was the restriction of freedoms and, ironically, high taxes. I’m not calling for any succession, but I am calling for all American’s to open their eyes and read the writing on the wall.

“The shot heard around the world” wasn’t a literal shot fired out of a musket; the shot heard around the world was the order sent out by King George III to confiscate the colonists’ guns.

Are you recognizing the parallel’s yet?

The Colonists of 1775 wouldn’t stand for having their own personal weapons confiscated away from them. In that time period, weapons were hand made by each individual owner, or by a local blacksmith, not massed produced, such as the case today.

The musket was the livelihood of a family in those times. The men in the family used the gun to hunt for food and protect the family, such the need arise. They didn’t keep their guns unloaded and stored away, they kept them loaded and ready to fire at the press of the trigger.

They would be kept over or around the door. People were taught how to responsibly handle and care for the gun, because they knew they wouldn’t survive without properly knowing how to use it.

We need to read into the past and take large lessons away from the actions of those brave American’s who stood up for what they knew was right.

The original intend behind the second amendment was not to tell citizens they are allowed to bear arms when they need to put food on the table. Sen. Diane Feinstein and Sen. Chuck Schumer are completely wrong to be sitting on Capitol Hill and holding investigations as to why someone needs more than 10 rounds of ammunition to kill a deer.

Truth is, you don’t need 10 rounds of ammunition of kill a deer. BUT, you do need 10 round of ammunition to protect yourself and others from a triennial government and tyrants like Diane Feinstein and Chuck Schumer who believe that guns must be restricted in order for our society to be safer.

And this was the original intent behind the second Amendment. Jefferson and Madison knew that if the need ever arose, the people would have to check their government. It’s like a fourth “check and balance”.

The legislation that Feinstein introduced last month, the new “Automatic Weapon Ban”, was shot down in Congress obvious. (pun intended)

What is an automatic weapon anyway? Are automatic weapons just scary “military style” looking weapons? Or how about that concealed .40 caliber handgun in my house, isn’t it automatic?

Any kind of gun ban or restriction, outside the terms of precedent leading Supreme Court cases is 100%, undeniably unconstitutional.

Furthermore, they don’t even work. The Columbine tragedy occurred when there was a national assault weapons ban, yet it still happened. I wonder why that is?

The moment that our guns are taken from us or are so heavily restricted that we won’t be able to easily obtain, use, and manage them, our country will need to take a step back and rethink the path that we’re heading down.

The Founding Fathers, with the writing and passing of the Constitution, put America on a path of freedom and extremely limited government, but I feel as if we’re living in 1940’s Russia. Something is obviously wrong.

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Feds say sequester will harm non-existent agency

Barack Obama and the rest of the leftists in charge of Washington have exploited the looming sequestration – that they themselves developed – to scare Americans with wild claims of rampant government shutdown.
To aid in the dissection of what effect the mandatory cuts will have, the Office of Management and Budget produced a report outlining what agencies would be cut and by how much.
Among the cuts listed is nearly $2 million from the National Drug Intelligence Center’s $20 million budget. When the report was released in September of 2012, though, the agency had been closed for three months.
D.C. fear mongers turned a statistically irrelevant sequester into an apocalyptical disaster while placing unwarranted blame at the feet of the GOP. Compounding those dishonest tactics is a report detailing a fictional hardship to an imaginary government entity.
While duties formerly handled by the NDIC are now under the purview of Drug Enforcement Agency, there is no indication the OMB was simply referring to the center by its former name.
The agency’s budget is listed in the OMB report as $20 million while the DEA is only receiving $8 million to handle its residual responsibilities. Additionally, the non-existent center was listed in a category of its own, not as a subsidiary of any larger department.
While this might have been a mere oversight on the part of Washington bureaucracy, the error is important for a number of reasons.
First, it highlights how utterly bloated the federal government has become. If a government agency in charge of the budget of other government agencies can’t keep up with how many redundant entities exist, what chance is there for any meaningful reform?
Perhaps more importantly it proves, despite what Obama has repeatedly suggested, not all government spending is vital. When a department with a $20 million budget can vanish and even three months later no one seems to notice, I contend that program is superfluous.
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Retaking the Senate in 2014 is pure moonshine

Republicans don’t even know what peril their chances of retaking their Senate are in. They’re even smaller than I previously thought. They’re almost nonexistent.

It appears that my worst fears and predictions will come to fruition.

Readers may recall that, a week ago, I warned Republicans against getting involved in protracted primary battles that only weaken Republican nominees for the general election (and thus serve only the Democrats), against nominating extremist, firebreather, unelectable candidates like Steve King and Paul Broun, and against listening to extremist organizations like the Club for Growth of the Democratic Caucus.

It is now clear that my worst fears and predictions will come to fruition.

Let me be blunt: Barring a massive scandal hitting Senate Democrats before the election, Republicans stand absolutely no chance of retaking the Senate in 2014. At best, they may pick up a few seats to add to their currently meagre 45 seats. At worst, they could again lose, on net, seats, as they did last year thanks to extremist candidates like Richard Mourdock.

I’ll show you why. Let’s go through the Senate races that really matter, state by state.

In Iowa, where Tom Harkin’s decision to retire opened a great opportunity for a GOP pickup, Republicans are now hell-bent on throwing that opportunity away by nominating extremist, firebreather candidate Steve King, who currently gets over 50% of the votes in GOP primary polls. General election polling, however, shows that King would get CRUSHED in a general election by Bruce Brayley (who is the odds-on favorite for the Dem nomination) and by former Iowa Gov. Chet Culver.

Repeat after me: Steve King is utterly unelectable.

Iowa Republicans are hell-bent on throwing this great opportunity away and rejecting electable, solid conservative Tom Latham, whom some have smeared as being “close to John Boehner”.

Georgia Republicans are no smarter. After forcing solid conservative, FairTax supporter, strong defense advocate, New START opponent Saxby Chambliss to retire, they’re now hell bent on nominating firebreather Paul Broun, who is even more extremist than Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock (he says that the evolution theory and the Big Bang are “lies straight from the pit of hell”). Not one moderate, woman, or black will vote for this guy.

Todd Adkin and Richard Mourdock actually stand a moderate chance of winning – before they opened their mouths and started pontificating about abortion and rape. Paul Broun hasn’t commented on abortion and rape yet, and he’s already doomed to defeat: polls are showing he would get CRUSHED by the most popular Georgia Democrat, Max Cleland, and would probably lose to Congressman John Barrow as well.

Recently, another potential (though not yet declared) candidate, Rep. Phil Gingrey (another Todd Akin clone), has begun to gain steam and even to overtake Broun in potential primary polls. But like Broun, Gingrey would get trounced by Max Cleland (a household name in Georgia) and would likely be defeated by John Barrow as well, though by a smaller margin.

(Last year, when Todd Akin made his infamous rape remark, Gingrey agreed with him, saying he was “partially right”. All Republicans would have to do to beat Gingrey would be to play that remark on a televised loop until their candidate got over the top.)

King, Broun, and Gingrey are extremist morons of the same type as Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock. The only differences here are the names of the candidates and the states where they’re running.

In West Virginia, the Club for Growth of the Democratic Caucus is grousing about primarying Shelley Moore Capito. Still, no one has actually dared to challenge Capito yet, and if she wins the primary, she should be fine.

In Louisiana, North Carolina, and New Hampshire, Republicans are not seriously considering any extremist candidates (and Lousiana Republicans tend to be more adroit than their Georgia and Iowa colleagues), but the problem there is a very familiar one: the incumbency problem. Next year, most election prognosticators will probably be proven wrong, except one: incumbents usually win.

In LA and NC, incumbent Senators Mary Landrieu and Kay Hagan are leading all potential Republican challengers by double-digit margins and have full campaign coffers. And we shouldn’t be surprised – Mary Landrieu has already won three Senate elections in Louisiana and has never lost one. NH Senator Jeanne Shaheen also leads all comers, though not by double-digit margins and has only ca. $300,000 on hand for reelection, and Republicans don’t have a deep bench in NH.

In Alaska, likewise, even the strongest Republican candidate, Mead Treadwell, is behind incumbent Mark Begich by a large margin (8 pp), although 14% of Alaskans are still undecided, so Treadwell may yet win. Especially given that the election won’t be held until November 2014.

In Montana, Republicans have only one candidate capable of defeating incumbent Senator Max Baucus and popular former Governor Brian Schweitzer. That candidate is Marc Racicot. Currently, Dem primary polls show Schweitzer trouncing Baucus in the Dem primary, so he’s almost certain to be the candidate Republicans will face. And yet, Racicot hasn’t even decided whether he’ll join the race, even though he’s the ONLY Republican capable of winning there.

The only seats that Republicans currently have a realistic chance of winning are those of Tim Johnson (D-SD) and Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) – and that’s only if Capito is the nominee in WV – plus perhaps that of Mark Begich if Mead Treadwell wins the GOP nomination without drama and then wins over the undecideds and Max Baucus’s if Marc Racicot is the nominee.

But that would be a gain of just 4 seats – and Republicans are sure to lose that of Saxby Chambliss, thanks to the extremists who forced him to retire and who support Paul Broun and Phil Gingrey – two clones of Todd Akin.

So the best result Republicans can hope for is to win 3 seats on net – just 50% of what they need (6 seats) to gain majority in the Senate. In the worst case scenario, they could win no seats on net and lose one (in Georgia), reducing their ranks in the Senate to 44 people and making a Republican takeover of the Senate more difficult in 2016.

Repeat after me: Retaking the Senate in 2014 is pure moonshine. The GOP will not accomplish this, thanks to morons like Steve King, Paul Broun, Phil Gingrey, Chris Chocola, the Club for Growth of the Democratic Caucus, the morons who forced Saxby Chambliss to retire, and the idiots who are openly grousing about primarying Shelley Capito and Mead Treadwell.

In other words, as in 2010 and 2012, the Club, the Tea Party, and other extremists will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Health Impacted by Green Wind Turbines?

wind turbineTwo wind turbines towering located in the Cape Cod community of Falmouth, Massachusetts were intended to produce green energy and savings but after less than two years it appears they may instead be creating health issues to neighbors causing the town to consider their removal.

In the haste to reduce carbon emissions of standard fossil fuel generators, cities and towns have been given incentives to install green alternative energy producers. Unfortunately, it appears there maybe be unintended consequences from some of these programs.

Observational and case studies appear to show a broad range of health problems associated with the wind turbines including headaches, migraines, sleep disturbance, negative effects on psychological well-being, among others. A Canadian study has been commissioned beginning this month, to review the health and stress disturbances of residents who live in the vicinity of wind turbines.

The residents of Falmouth probably wish they had waited until this study was complete before spending all the money to install the turbines and now possibly spend as much, if not more, to remove them.


Michelle Obama takes over recipe websites


michelle_obama_scoldingShe wants to get her hooks into you at every turn!






In another, “do as I say, not as I do” moment from Michelle Obama, The White House has announced that she is “collaborating” with several online recipe sites  “in support of Let’s Move! to make it easier for their millions of online visitors to put nutritious meals on the table every day.”



America’s Largest Media Companies Are Compiling and Promoting Thousands of Recipes that Align with USDA’s Guidance for Healthier Eating

WASHINGTON, DC –Today, five of America’s largest media companies, as well as Pinterest, announced a new collaboration in support of Let’s Move! to make it easier for their millions of online visitors to put nutritious meals on the table every day.  Condé Nast, Hearst Magazines, Meredith, Food Network and Time, Inc. in collaboration with the Partnership for a Healthier America and USDA’s MyPlate have identified thousands of nutritious recipes that meet the guidance that supports USDA’s MyPlate, and are labeling, compiling and promoting these recipes on their most popular cooking websites, which collectively garnered 150 million views in January alone. More than 3,000 recipes have been identified across 18 websites, and today nearly 1,000 of these recipes have been collected on a new Pinterest page associated with the effort, providing a one-stop-shop where parents, beginner home cooks and even the most experienced chefs can find and share healthier recipes.

“As a mom, I know how challenging it can be to think of new meal ideas that your kids will like and that will be good for them,” said First Lady Michelle Obama. “This partnership takes the guess work out of finding healthier recipes and gives parents the information and the tools they need to make healthy choices for their families every day.”

Below is a list of publications participating in this collaborative effort:
• Better Homes & Gardens
• Everyday with Rachael Ray
• Woman’

For more information on this partnership, visit

Source:  The White House

Left Conveniently Rewriting History


Have you ever wondered why Nazism (essentially socialism) and Fascism (again, essentially socialism) are considered right-wing political philosophies? Well, it’s because the left-wing (and the MSM, its obedient lap-dog) have gone to great time and trouble to recast them as such.

Leftists are quick to cite the fact that one of Hitler’s first actions was to get rid of the Leftist Socialists & Trade Unions. But what leftists fail to point out is that the Socialists & Trade Unions were comprised of and led by communists, the main enemy, according to Hitler, of Germany. They also cite that Hitler, in 1919, attended a German Workers Party (GWP) meeting. The subject of the talk being given at the meeting was “How and by what means is Socialism to be destroyed?” But what leftists fail to point out is that Hitler soon joined the GWP, became their leader, and renamed it the National Socialist German Workers Party (NAZI) to try to appeal to socialists.

In an effort to create as much distance as possible between Hitler and his socialist principles, Hitler has deliberately been mis-labeled as extreme right wing by the Socialist movement. Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist or the Nazi party represented extreme left wing politics.

From this source we learn that the left “… attempt to recast Mussolini as ‘right wing’ although his relativistic, atheist philosophy and socialist roots were distinctly ‘left-wing’.”

As Doug Ross points out:

“The main point is this – to detach from the genocide of the holocaust, leftists have not only disowned the fascists (and especially the Nazis) they have gone to the trouble of pinning them to the right. Of course it’s a complete lie, and that’s why the left defends it so savagely. Anyone that points out the truth is attacked in massive fashion.”

As David Limbaugh wrote in 2011:

“… today’s liberals see themselves as champions of the ‘working man’ and enemies of corporate interests and the wealthy. Their political lifeblood is class warfare on behalf of the ‘working man’ (read: labor unions). Redistributionism is at the heart of their philosophy.”

“As political theory and actual practice throughout history demonstrate, both communism and fascism are left-wing political and economic ideologies – as far as they can be from the right wing of the spectrum.”

And, as Dr. Walter E. Williams wrote:

“Today’s leftists, socialists and progressives would bristle at the suggestion that their agenda differs little from those of Nazi, Soviet and Maoist mass murderers. One does not have to be in favor of death camps or wars of conquest to be a tyrant. The only requirement is that one has to believe in the primacy of the state over individual rights.”

In the irony category, I really like these quotes from leftists: “Hitler was indeed right wing, his totalitarian policies were designed to remove all class structure.” and, “His policies were indeed similar to the 20th century Communist policies, which are extreme right winged regimes.” So now the policies of removing class structure and communism are somehow right-wing policies. I guess the left has never heard of capital redistribution or the EPA. Further, isn’t it rather ironic that Hitler said, “… we are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak.”   [emphasis mine]   How many times have we heard Obama use the same word, the same idea, to further his economic policies?

Want confirmation of leftist effort? Consider this from Gary M. Grobman:

“The government of Nazi Germany was a fascist, totalitarian state. Totalitarian regimes, in contrast to a dictatorship, establish complete political, social, and cultural control over their subjects, and are usually headed by a charismatic leader. Fascism is a form of right-wing totalitarianism which emphasizes the subordination of the individual to advance the interests of the state. Nazi fascism’s ideology included a racial theory which denigrated “non-Aryans,” extreme nationalism which called for the unification of all German-speaking peoples, the use of private paramilitary organizations to stifle dissent and terrorize opposition, and the centralization of decision-making by, and loyalty to, a single leader.”   [emphasis mine]

Here is another confirmation. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano, in April 2009, issued a report entitled “Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment.” The report says, “The economic downturn and the election of the first African American president present unique drivers for rightwing radicalization.” But the report provides no examples or incidences of rightwing radicalization. The report also says, “… no specific information that domestic rightwing terrorists are currently planning acts of violence.”

The liberal blog had these three “take-away” points about the DHS report:

  • Anti-immigration: “Rightwing extremist groups’ frustration over a perceived lack of government action on illegal immigration has the potential to incite individuals or small groups toward violence.”
  • Recruiting returning vets: “Rightwing extremists will attempt to recruit and radicalize returning veterans in order to exploit their skills and knowledge derived from military training and combat.”
  • Gun-related violence: “Heightened interest in legislation for tighter firearms … may be invigorating rightwing extremist activity, specifically the white supremacist and militia movements.”

And guess what! The very liberal MSM ate up the DHS report, as can be seen here, here, and here.

Need even more confirmation? Please read this article.

As Dr. Josef Goebbles, the extraordinary NAZI propagandist said, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” I think Goebbles’ philosophy fits here well!

But that’s just my opinion.
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With Crime Down, Mayor Calls for Gun Control?

Buckhorn Tampa MayorTampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn is a vocal supporter of President Obama’s proposals to ban guns and ammunition. Though he claims to be a supporter of the Second Amendment, he also uses the common democrat talking points like “no one needs an assault weapon” and “you don’t need a to kill a quail with a 30 round magazine.”

Buckhorn recently signed a letter to President Obama and Congress along with more than 200 mayors across the country. The letter asked the D.C. elite to pass Sen Dianne Feinstein’s (D-CA) strict gun control proposals.

Violent gun crimes must be at an all-time-high in Tampa for Buckhorn to be so fervently supportive of gun control, right? Wrong.

According to a Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office press release this month, crime is down more than 25% from 2011. The violent crime rate is the lowest it has been since recording the rate began in 1985!

Buckhorn hasn’t joined New York City Mayor Bloomberg’s multi-million dollar lobby firm Mayors Against Illegal Guns which has sent paid professional testifiers to individual states like Minnesota and Colorado pushing for state gun control measures, but says he agrees with most of what the group does.

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