Optimize Your Dollar: Lowering Your Cost of Prescriptions

By | February 4, 2013

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5 thoughts on “Optimize Your Dollar: Lowering Your Cost of Prescriptions

  1. Teri

    There is a lot of mis information in this post but I am short on time so will cut to the most important. DO NOT JUST CROSS INTO MEXICO TO BUY PRESCRIPTIONS. Know the law. In many cases you must have a rx from an American Dr. and a Mexican Dr. Be careful. Well intended post, short on research.

    1. Teresa Wendt Post author

      Thank you for your reply. And for clarifying that the person does indeed need to have a prescription for medication from a US physician and a prescription in Mexico. One also cannot import Controlled Substances. I have added some links as reference.

  2. Jan Brown

    I had cause abut 10 yrs ago to discovr that ,even I, am not immortal & found myself with a pharmacy ‘list’. I learned many of your suggetions by trial & error. Where were you then?? Am certain that this will help nudge others in the right direction.
    By the way, I HAVE one of those dear Sisters, it can be a bit tiresome at times, but at least I got the good looks!!!

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