Optimize Your Dollar: Lowering Your Cost of Prescriptions

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  • There is a lot of mis information in this post but I am short on time so will cut to the most important. DO NOT JUST CROSS INTO MEXICO TO BUY PRESCRIPTIONS. Know the law. In many cases you must have a rx from an American Dr. and a Mexican Dr. Be careful. Well intended post, short on research.

    • Thank you for your reply. And for clarifying that the person does indeed need to have a prescription for medication from a US physician and a prescription in Mexico. One also cannot import Controlled Substances. I have added some links as reference.

  • I had cause abut 10 yrs ago to discovr that ,even I, am not immortal & found myself with a pharmacy ‘list’. I learned many of your suggetions by trial & error. Where were you then?? Am certain that this will help nudge others in the right direction.
    By the way, I HAVE one of those dear Sisters, it can be a bit tiresome at times, but at least I got the good looks!!!

  • Thanks for making me sound so wonderful!! I enjoyed the article, good job.