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Obama’s SOTU: We Must, We Might, I Want

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I'm a young guy from Ohio, and I'm driven by a concern and worry about the fallout of the arbitrary nature of our "leadership" in the government. I'm a concerned conservative, who is worried about the miserable and contrary rules that are issued from Washington. I wish more people would be far more weary of the destructive nature of government. I hope I ask questions that make you think, and get as nervous as we should be about the powers that be, in D.C.


  1. An excellent read. I can feel your anger. Also, the fact that he wants “reasonable compromise” has got to be a sick joke coming from a president who throws executive orders around like….um…something that people throw around haphazardly!! (Couldn’t think of an analogy)

  2. Really appreciate your coverage & look forward to reading posts like WW’s…I was in dire need of a good nights sleep w/o nightmares of admonishments & an insufferable number of first place pronouns that I switched to USA & watched the “Westminister Dog Show”….much better behaved

    • Thanks, Jan. I tried to keep my own use of personal pronoun usage at a minimum, and just point out the most egregious bits of the president’s wishlist…er, address. Lucky for me, he doesn’t know anything different from the egregious and bloviated.

  3. BARACK is as the captain of the TITANIC which
    is heading for the ICEBERG / crimes committed
    by USA politicians / USA military on the rest
    of the worlds peoples being beyond measure in
    bringing humanity a river of tears /of untold
    horrific torture of false imprisonment /great injustice & suffering as millions slaughtered.