Obama’s SOTU: We Must, We Might, I Want

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  • An excellent read. I can feel your anger. Also, the fact that he wants “reasonable compromise” has got to be a sick joke coming from a president who throws executive orders around like….um…something that people throw around haphazardly!! (Couldn’t think of an analogy)

  • Really appreciate your coverage & look forward to reading posts like WW’s…I was in dire need of a good nights sleep w/o nightmares of admonishments & an insufferable number of first place pronouns that I switched to USA & watched the “Westminister Dog Show”….much better behaved

    • Thanks, Jan. I tried to keep my own use of personal pronoun usage at a minimum, and just point out the most egregious bits of the president’s wishlist…er, address. Lucky for me, he doesn’t know anything different from the egregious and bloviated.

  • BARACK is as the captain of the TITANIC which
    is heading for the ICEBERG / crimes committed
    by USA politicians / USA military on the rest
    of the worlds peoples being beyond measure in
    bringing humanity a river of tears /of untold
    horrific torture of false imprisonment /great injustice & suffering as millions slaughtered.