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Obama’s Gun Pic: No Photoshop? No Problem!

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Comments (11)

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  1. Jim Clayton says:

    Too many “oops” in Obama’s gun shooting pic, 1) Obama’s wearing too dark of sunglasses, many shooters wear sunglasses, but they’re lighter and to protect the eyes, but with dark ones like Obama is wearing, he can’t see the small fast flying skeet/clay pigeons. 2) Too much smoke especially for smokeless powder. 3) Obama just pulled the trigger and his shoulder shows no backward movement because of recoil, the port (on top of the barrel where we see smoke) reduces recoil but doesn’t eliminate recoil. 3) Look at the butt of the stock half way on his shoulder, shooters don’t shoot a shotgun with the stock half way on their shoulder, a good way to get hurt. 4) Obama’s shotgun is too close to level, not in the air as skeet would be thrown higher than the height of a person.
    This only proves the president has no real experience with a shotgun or skeet shooting. He is holding a shotgun as one should hold a rifle. No vest or shell bag, wearing jeans and a short sleeve shirt, with his cheek pressed against the stock (he could loosen a couple teeth that way)
    Next time your going to stage a photo, get someone with a bit of expertise to show you how it’s done. Put down the gun Mr President, you’re going to hurt yourself.

  2. Derrell Poole says:

    Mr. President,

    Among the many things I hate (yes I DO have the right to Hate and I use that judiciously against things that warrant such) are Liars and Hypocrites!
    I can see why you would believe that the majority of Americans are stupid and addicted to socialism since you are once again the elected President. But this photo is so disingenuous to me that it (caution; Emo Statement coming up) makes my breakfast churn just looking at it! This is nothing more than an extension of your “I have deep respect for the Constitution…” statement and canon fodder for the Emo Leftie Progressives to say, “See, our President really does care about the 2nd Amendment. He just wants to protect our children from those nasty assault guns!” What other possible reason would this be for?
    Interesting how this is a shotgun and not an AR-15 (the most populate gun in America). A shotgun is primarily a weapon of home defense and sportsmanship. The 2nd Amendment is not about stopping common criminals and hunting rabbits! It is about preventing our government from enslaving us! It is our last resort against out of control law breaking by our own leaders! In a Righteous American – like that of the late 1860s where a President was Impeached for breaking the law – you would be scrambling to defend yourself in the face of your numerous transgressions instead of looking “All American, with your iconic scattergun!”

    If so inclined I will do as I please with your precious photo. That is my right as a citizen of the United States and as a matter of law it is no longer your property since you are a public figure! Your attempt to prevent me from spoofing your hypocrisy has just entered into the same propaganda control any respectable Tyrant would find “necessary”….

  3. R. Mitchell says:

    I waited to see if anyone else noticed the one glaring artifact in the photo. The last commenter correctly identified the firearm, and others noticed the low gun angle as foreign to skeet – more akin to trap, some sporting clays presentations or just shooting clay pigeons.

    What I immediately noticed was that only one barrel had the extended choke installed. Sure, he could have a flush choke in the bottom barrel -OR- this could be additive confirmation that he’s shooting trap (mostly shot single target at-a-time).

    If he’s shooting skeet, he would be needing both barrels at stations 1-2, 6-7. I can’t imagine he has the experience to be flipping chokes in and out of the gun between stations.

    But, what do I know about skeet.. I’m just a Class A NSSA shooter who has won real money, medals and trophies in the sport.

    More likely, the President is throwing some lead at a thrown clay from field launcher. Fun to do. I do it with my family when I can as it is a great way to practice different presentations.

    What Plouff et al at the White House probably don’t know is that skeet is a defined game with stations at measured points and two houses at regulated heights.

    At the risk of semantics, shooting clays from a thrower is not, by itself, skeet.

  4. mistral says:

    Hi folks

    That is a browning citori shotgun if my eyes are seeing it properly. It has porting on the tops of each barrel about 30 degrees from the 12:00 oclck position about 10 inches from the muzzle. There should be two jets of smoke coming out of the barrel, not just the holes on the right side of the barrel. Look carefully in the side facing the camera and you can see the holes but no smoke.

    • R. Mitchell says:

      From what I can see, Citori XS Sporting. Good call on the make and model!

    • Rick Richman says:


      You are right on about the ID of the shotgun and observation about the porting and gas plumes. There is no evidence of skeet shooting stations or skeet towers. I suspect neither the Pres or his PR people have a clue about what skeet is vs.a few casual clay pigeons being tossed by someone out of the picture.

  5. Nan says:

    I think that statement was made to ensure photoshopping. Parody is protected by the first amendment.

  6. copper says:

    Ummmmmm….the picture is ours! We paid for the film and all that stuff so we’ll just do what we want with it.

  7. Tammy says:

    It just shows how thin-skinned he is. By the way, I’ve already seen manips..and they are HILARIOUS!

  8. Jan Brown says:

    Well, well, with all the hulabaloo we had to know a photograph would surface….Was this taken by ‘the official’ presidental photographer assigned to document on film (all) of the president’s activity?
    As I have only observed & not participated in this activity, I make NO claims as to anything resembling autority…observations though are 1) never have seen the barrel so level when shooting, 2) clicked on image to enlarge & noticed the absence of pressure on the shoulder as well as an apparent ‘loose’ grip on the barrel…like I said, I’m not an authority, just the older sister of Doubting Thomas….

  9. Bob says:

    Is the WH asserting a copyright or divine right? I think since the president is a public figure he has no control over images.