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3 thoughts on “Obama and Defense Spending

  1. Jan Brown

    Soon after these hearings, a retired officer, now TV analyst said, in effect, “Not to worry,we’re ‘years’ ahead of any other countries in capability”, Brings to mind the “Rabbit & Turtle” story…& sound like we are the rabbit!! These gigantic cuts weaken beyond a doubt the greatest fighting force on the planet. What’s worse it demoralizes an entire Nation, that has already had its economy under siege.

    Hagel was not wanted by his own state…why should we even think about him?…

    IF we continue at this rate for another year, we might as well put out a welcome mat & put on a sign on our backside that says “KICK ME”

      1. Jan Brown

        ARrrg!!!! & I shared it…just when you think you’ve heard it all!!!!

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