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Now that Pope Benedict XVI has resigned who should replace him?

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  1. JTULLOCH says:

    As I said before, Catholics make Catholicism, so if your pope steps down to be replaced by another who will do the same things that popes have done for over a millennium, what difference will it make?

    You can’t see why Catholic Child Rape will never end?

    It goes to the root of who and what they are. To expose one child-raping priest (don’t call them pedophiles because there is nothing loving towards children in their behavior) would push him to expose all child-raping priests, all the way to the top.
    Catholic Child Rape will never end because of you, the Catholic, who complains about the same system you help to maintain.

    It is your hypocrisy.

    I am no Christian, but nor are you.

    You venerate the cross upon which your God was crucified.

    You venerate unholy men who do unholy things. Men who revile and who defile the most innocent creations of the God you claim to worship: women, children, and sex, itself.

    If Christ was the only middle-man, then why the need for the rest? You are as much imposters as is the impostor you will see elected to that wretched throne of iniquity.

    If Christ returned today, you would likely try to have him burned at the stake before he opened his mouth and exposed what you truly are; the new breed of vipers. You give yourselves away by the fruit you bear. You were warned of at the outset of Revelation.

    So be it. You get what you ask for.

  2. JTULLOCH says:


    “a new spiritual leader with the capability, charisma, and intellect to change disbelieving hearts and minds.”

    How about the Anti-Christ?