New US Senator once initiated black “takeovers” of white-owned restaurants

By | February 11, 2013

Recently appointed on an interim basis to fill Sen. John Kerry’s seat, William “Mo” Cowan’s race-obsessed past has come to light despite the mainstream media’s best efforts.
Along with his wife and other cohorts, Cowan used to help plan and execute so-called “friendly takeovers” of majority-white establishments.
In a 2003 interview, the lawyer said, “We get used to the fact that we’ll be the only black people in the restaurant” and “want to come to something like this to see other people who look like us. Everybody has their comfort zone.”
He also noted the apparent level of discomfort among white patrons when he and other black individuals took over a restaurant.
“It’s always interesting to me to observe even the most positive, forward-thinking progressive member of the majority culture when they are surrounded by minorities,” he said.
Bombarding an establishment deemed to be too white is justified, according to Cowan’s logic, because the majority has always benefitted from some inherent privilege based solely on their skin color.
“White people in the U.S. have had the comfort zone all their lives,” he said, lumping all people who fit his narrowminded ideology into one group as leftists are wont to do.
This is not the extent of Cowan’s preoccupation with race. He served as a recruiter for black lawyers for a number of employers, including a stint helping then-Gov. Mitt Romney choose specifically minority lawyers for judicial consideration.
Upon his arrival at the overwhelmingly white House of Representatives, one wonders if he might show up with his wife and fellow activists in tow to stage a takeover.
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