Multiculturalism claims victory over Valentine’s Day

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  • Thanks a lot!! You just ruined my dinner plans!! Was going to run by Golden Dragon for Chinnese take out, but that means Rosarita’s feelings will be hurt. Maybe I could slip into the German Gasthaus without the Japanese Tea House seeing me…

    MY IDENITY is as AMERICAN. It has been bought & paid for by those that came before me. It is also my legacy & of great value. While I ‘may’ choose to share it with others,…I will NOT give it away!!..nor let it be taken fron me!!…{My Country, MY terms} A-S-S-I-M-I-L-A-T-E is at the top of the list, language & all…My identity doesn’t mean I’m superior, it means I AM AN AMERICAN & this is my home.

    Well guess that I’ll go have Texas Bar-B-Que & tick off the folks at Kentucky Fried Chicken