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“Minimum deterrence” is no deterrence at all

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  1. Some truly valid & well stated points…I still have difficulty accepting the fact that these points need to be ‘spelled out’ for anyone claiming to pay attention. “To me” old fashioned horse sense tells me that wearing socks w/o shoes will keep my feet clean…but only until they get holes in them…

    Does anyone actually believe that Russia matched the USA in getting rid of its stockpile? Where do you suppose it went?…For that matter, How about Irag’s weapons of mass destruction ? Sid they go to Syria with Sadam’s wife? “Traces” would not have been found if they were never there.

    While we don’t know ‘everything’, when you gather up all we DO know, even a layman recognizes a powder keg that requires only a teeny spark to go BOOM!

    While Mazurakk’s commentary is long, it is an excellant piece to use should you still know anyone that needs convincing.

    A friend once told me…”If you bury your head in the sand, you can still get your tail shot off”