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2 thoughts on “Michelle Obama Op-ed: The Business Case for Healthier Food Options

  1. Jan Brown

    Wal-Mart posted a loss the last quarter & before you believe totally in the ‘less sugar’ in products, read the labels on item you use….It is a ‘good idea’ to (teach) healthy eating habits & the first woman is an influence…However it isn’t practical to the families that are lucky to eat 3 meals a day of any kind..with out regard to nutrition. ..then of course there are those that will continue to do what they do. So I ask “Is seeing her even more than her husband on TV helping?”

    “Teaching begins at home with parents”

  2. Todd

    This is a good agenda. One that I could actually stand behind. The leading causes of death in America are heart related. As one of the more prosperous nations we have resigned to eating ourselves to death.

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