Mexico Wants YOUR Gun Information

By | February 22, 2013

Mexico’s congress voted to ask the US Border States to share with them registry information of gun owners. It’s understandable that the Mexican government is concerned with guns crossing into their country in light of the Fast and Furious scandal of the Obama administration. Still one has to wonder if they should be more concerned with their own problems, including the drug cartels and corruption of officials. But in any case, maybe now is the opportune time to ask President Peña Nieto if maybe they’d like to do the neighborly thing and help build that fence between our countries?


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One thought on “Mexico Wants YOUR Gun Information

  1. Jan Brown

    Just after wondering if I heard right & shaking my head in total disbelief, I had to ask “Why not? We already provide 65% of their Country’s income (2008 Pew Hispanic)R..This does not include the the $8 BILLION sent ‘home’ earned from (illegal) employment. There are in excess of 400 American owned companies doing business in Mexico… We allow them to work, draw social security,have free medical care & food stamps. They come & go across the border at will with few if any criminal charges…so why shouldn’t they also be able to identify “gun free’ houses as well as have a catalog to ‘shop’ for the guns they want? And we have already trained & armed many of their ‘policia’ & military. OUR military covers their six on their southern border in Guatemala….So is this a surprize? NO, but it is another ‘dumbest’ thing we could do.

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