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Illegal Aliens Get Driver’s Licenses, Still Complain

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  1. Cinthia Marroquin – Looks like other people beat me to it but the easy answer is, go back where you came from. We have enough unemployed here . Sorry you did get a job after illegally entering the country but that’s the way it goes.

    according to NC AG Roy Cooper, a Democrat, DACA aliens are here legally, that under federal law, DACA participants have a “legal presence,” even if they do not have “lawful status,” ….

    Say what, how can that be? I guess you need to be an attorney to come up with that.

  2. This prez and his minnons will not stop until America is totally trashed, economically and otherwise. Today they released over 200 prisoners convicted of crimes other then crossing the border illegally. We in Arizona were given no notice, no say on deciding which prisoners would be let loose, our governor was as surprised as everyone else. Napolitano claims she don’t know why this happened or who gave the order! These illegal aliens have no respect for the laws of this country, otherwise they would not be here. They don’t want to be identified as illegal because the driver’s license is used as a voter registration document and they want to vote illegally! Go home and enter legally and you can have a license just like everyone else’s provided you become a citizen. I ask that everyone pray for the citizens of AZ, Holder has already stated that if the area code is from AZ, his office will not be answering the phone or any calls for help!

  3. American ex-Pat

    Go back to your ‘hacienda’ on the other side of the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo; You dun nid no stinkin’ license over there!
    Adios, and Vaya con Dios!

  4. You can always go home to your own country.

  5. Having a license to drive although one is illegally here is quite a bit of largesse, so we won’t shed a tear, for folks old or young who tend to complain that the pink stripe on their license is an anatomical pain.

  6. Gerry Haverland

    How about a ride to the border and a simple Adios!

  7. Those people, (Leaches) would whine if they were hung with a new rope.

  8. Please stop your whining and go home!

  9. I have a solution. Go home. Back to where you came from, quit sucking our country dry, trashing our country to make it look like the crap hole you left. My neighborhood has been trashed by all the trash the illegals dump all over, from broken beer bottles in the street to couches alongside of the road.

    • I have a solution. Fire all the stupid people that came up with the stupid idea. How many other countries in this world would even consider giving a drivers license to anyone that is in their country illegally. If we would try to get a license we would be put in jail or deported immediately especially if we in Mexico.

  10. Warren, I think I’d but this in the Bravo Sierra department..there is no rhyme or reason that expplain …how it is someone is where it is “ILLEGAL” to be doing something “LEGAL”. But then HLS doesn’t make much sense or add to our security. Guess that Hillary’s “who cares?” attitude has become epidemic Nation wide, wiping out backbone & committment to our Constitutional Law as it goes. Currently, with or without a driver’s licence, ILLEGAL, CRIMMINAL TRESPASSERS commit an estimated 80-100 VIOLENT crimes against legas American citizens according to FAIR-ALPAC & Pew Hispanic Assoc…Next, they’ll be able to vote..opps, they already do..forced to live in the shadows? NOT