Help Wanted: New Generation of Founding Fathers

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  • Gunner Penobscot

    Excellent post Bob. I can’t seem to be able to figure out how to post my Founders Party Platform here. I’ll see that you get it though.

  • Just wish I had said it…Great post, Bob

  • Bob,
    Great posting of a wonderful and workable concept!
    I will spread the message, as far and wide as I can.
    I’m over it all. I want my country back.

    • Kane, thanks very much for the kind words. I want my country back too, that is why I do this. You will really like the one I am working on now.

  • Bob. I applaude your action! I hope all of these people and all of those we don’t know hear you and step up for what they believe to be right and good. I am on board whether anyone likes it or not!

    • Derrell, thanks very much. The rest is up to you and others of like mind. Spread this message and let’s get a groundswell for this from the ground up. If We the People will show our support for this as we did in the early TEA Party days they will step up. I firmly believe this and it is time for the 67% of Americans who agree with me to take this step. We tried to change the Republican Party and find ourselves being opposed by BOTH parties. I am in the thought process on a follow-up piece to this one. It is up to We the People to do it, again.