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4 thoughts on “Hello. Is Anyone Listening?

  1. John

    I would be very nervous about entertaining changes to the constitution. One never knows which side will be better organized and effective at getting their points in, passed, and approved. Based upon the dismal results the GOP have managed, I’m not for a wholesale constitutional change. I’d be for small specific individual changes such as real spending limits as a percentage of the GDP starting at 20% and declining by 1/2% point per year until it reaches 15% maybe less.

    1. gina

      I tend to agree with you John. I think the Constitution was written for a reason – and therefore, it should remain in tack.

  2. Jan Brown

    Yes, Gina, American Patriots across our beloved Country hear you…Loud & clear. .We share your frustrations & anger. Many are working tirelessly to stem the tide as others work to repair the erosion.

    There will always be naysayers, the greedy, power grabbers , the envious , the lazy. As well as the pure evil. There will always be the haves & have nots…..WE are still the HAVES, & as long as there are those like you sharing knowlege, love & passion, we will keep what so many have given so much for.

    “We the People” ar our greatest weapon. There are grassroot efforts that need helping hand & voices.YOUR voice may just be the one that give them the encouragement to push past fatigue.

    2014 elections can help us ‘keep’ the House & the Senate has at least 22 seats opening. We can vie for them IF we have well vetted candidates & get behind them with sleever rolled. Of course cash is great, but boots (& voices) like yours on the ground is a candidates greates asset. The time to start is now! It’s easier if you are active in an organization such as the Tea Party. It’s a long road, we must first decide what we want, design a plan & FOCUS.

    Keep on writing & sharing. Your words may well be ‘just the one’ we need.

    1. gina

      Thank you Jan for your thoughts and comments. Indeed seats are opening – hopefully it will be out with the old in with the new. Keep up the good work and let me know how I can help. Regards,

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