Harry Reid and The Crumbling Democratic Caucus

By | February 3, 2013

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I'm a staunch Republican and a politics junkie who was recently the Executive Director for the Dauphin County Republican Committee in Harrisburg. Before that, I interned with the Republican Party of Pennsylvania in the summer of 2011 and Mary Pat Christie, First Lady of NJ, within the Office of the Governor of NJ in 2010. I was responsible for updating his personal contact list. My first political internship was with Tom Kean Jr's. U.S. Senate campaign in 2006.

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3 thoughts on “Harry Reid and The Crumbling Democratic Caucus

  1. Ronni

    Could we the people be fortunate enough to get rid of Harkin and Durbin and the rest at one time? What a blessing.

    This could be a huge opportunity; however, if the state parties are going to nominate liberal Republicans we won’t be any better off.

  2. Jeremy Griffith

    This is hopeful, but I think also deceptive. The low information voter continues to vote for politicians that give them the most stuff rather than those who stand on principle. Thanks for the post Matt!

  3. Jan Brown

    Removing the stench of corruption that fills our Nation’s Capital isn’t going to be easy. It will take time and an abundance of elbow grease from us all. After all, we left our Stewarship jackets in the closet, forgotten & gathering dust while this mess got entirely out of hand. So, if you’re serious, “let’s get it started!”

    As Matt points out..2014 can be a year of re-birth & salvation of the greatest Country on earth!!!

    This site hosts some of he most astute & informed & talented bloggers,writers & concerned Americans of any site going. This is an immense value to any campaign!!!…And can reach across State lines to bolster candidates throughout the Country. The potential power (your potential power) cannot be underestimated.

    If handing out flyers & attending rah rah meetings isn’t your thing, leave it to others. YOU can help with your written words. The internet is becoming an invaluable tool in elections…let’s use it to take our govrnment for us, “we the people”!! Get excited NOW, not tomorrow…help find & vet candidates.

    There are , at leat 22 seats in the Senate that can be had & enough in the House that the Democrates could flip it their way…If you’ve been asking what you can do…this is it!! No time to waste, daylight’s a burnin’

    We CAN do this!!

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