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Hagel proving his own inadequacy

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  1. Quite some years ago Hagel made some remark that sounded in line with my thinking & I said. “He sounds almost Republican” My friend said “He is” I thought she was joking…then I started listening to him…I discovered he went with the flow on most issues, yet seemingly never had his own direction…He is a ‘pleaser’ with a need for recognition….And, Obama is in need of a “Yes sir, how high? man that shows him reaching across the aisle….As an American, I am grateful for his military service, Also as an American I am more than concerned about his ability. He appeared bumbling, confused & either unfamiliar with Obama’s policies or unable to express himself. BOTH jepordize our Security! So to all that have a vote, I urge, beg & plead that you NOT to CONFIRM his nomination just because he sat next to you in the Senate for too many years…..Respect him & you Country enough to put him back in the pasture. This Nation has an overload of “yes men” in Washington already.