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Gabrielle Gifford’s Gun Control Ad: ‘Let’s Get This done’

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  1. I would never question her horror or miraculous recovery, nor her bravery. Still, when I see her, there is a nagging (& ugly) thought that this woman is ‘being Used” by the Democrats & possibley even by possible political ambitions of Mark Kelly as I see the way he looks & urges her on. It seems that if her speech is so impaired her cognative skills may well be too. This is one time I’d certainly hope to be wrong…Rather seems like a crisis that isn’t goin to waste ala Raham…

  2. What kind of mind could you have in your head that would let you think for a moment that you could tell someone else that they can’t possess the weapon of their choice, but, You think that you have some other type of right that allows you to have and to hold what ever you want? God so created man in his likeness, no man is above any other,