Speaking Truth in front of POTUS. Dr. Benjamin Carson: Poverty Can Be Only Temporary

By | February 7, 2013

benjamin carsonThis year’s keynote speaker for the National Prayer Breakfast was Dr. Benjamin Carson, a world renowned Pediatric Neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins. Some will recall the movie ‘Gifted Hands’ which was the story about Dr. Carson. As a time when so many believe there is no way out of poverty his speeches provide insight and inspiration.

Using his own personal upbringing as an example, Dr. Carson’s speech tackled a range of issues ranging from education to personal responsibility.

Some of Dr. Carson’s critical remarks were pointed directly at policies approved of by the Obama administration. Using parables, as did his role model Jesus, Dr. Carson shared some of his ‘non-PC’ ways to improve the country.

There are sure to be short clips of this speech but I recommend watching the full 25 minutes and then share it with your friends. We can also hope that the president (sitting off to the left at the dais) was actually listening and perhaps will take some of Dr Carson’s suggestions to heart.

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