Dr. Ben Carson’s Biblical Life Lessons as High School ROTC Cadet Colonel

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  • This is a man i can support we need to listen to what he has to say. He can be the one to save our country. If you like him get behind him and let it be known.

  • If a man truly knows & accepts his own belliefs, he is comfortable in his own skin (whatever color) & this shields him from outside influnce. He has a sense of balance & courage that sets him apart. Dr Carson most obviously is such a man. By speaking only for himself & his own beliefs, He gave us a voice. What a gift!!! Just when we realy need it!!

    I hope that our new found joy will not lay quitely & gather dust, but serve as encouagement to speak out more & louder as we continue the fight. One man cannot carry all the amunition. We can elevate our own expectations to his level, & lift up those who have become disheartened by repeating his story & speaking out….with courage that come from conviction…..Pay more attention to what we CAN DO, leave the can’ts in a trash can & out of the way.

    • With him Jan i even have a different out look the more i hear him speak the better i feel we the American people need to pray for his guidance and spread the word.

      • Gary, I am certain many share your feelings, I certainly do. He is a bright shining light of hope in our time of shadows & dire need. However, as we shower deserved accolades on him, let us remember that we will be best served to use his light to show the way & inspire others to become strong leaders of our Nation. We must keep our exilartions in tact & not rush to raise his pedestal too high without getting better acquainted with him. Any fall from grace would be too drastic. We must rely on our own convictions & derive confidence to speak out because of his strong influnce. This is not a one man job. He has given us a gift to ‘use’, not take.