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DOJ Memo: Obama Wants Mandatory Gun BuyBacks

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  1. Prohibition worked so well, didn’t it?

    The War on Drugs has been WON – yay! Oh wait, sorry, I was wrong. We’re still pouring money into it and people are still dying.

    Seems to me any time the government gets involved in anything, it becomes one huge boondoggle.

    The government can pass all the anti-gun laws it wants and not one of them will have any effect on the true perpetrators of crime in the USA – criminals.

    I’m sure they’d be first in line when the government sets up the mandatory gun buy back program.

    Leave it to the Left to infringe upon our guaranteed rights while pretending that they care about the deaths of innocent people.

    Black kids have been dying for years in the streets of Chicago and other large cities. No one cared then and they STILL don’t care.

    All the government cares about is removing our rights.

    The TSA sets the 4th Amendment aside.

    Certain Dems in Congress are talking about limiting the 1st Amendment.

    Now, the government wants to remove (or seriously restrict) the 2nd Amendment.

    This is TREASON, yet no one cares.

    The Battle of Athens, TN in 1946 took place because law-abiding citizens took on a local corrupt government, thanks to the 2nd Amendment.

    The 2nd Amendment is not for hunting. It is not for target practice. It is in the event of government tyranny.

    America is a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC and as such, the Constitution is not up for debate.

    Apparently, those on the Left never got the memo.

  2. She needs to explain that?

    The “hood” is where they’re both from – Chicago – land of the highest gun crime and the most restrictive gun laws.

    The HOOD. The place where Obama just gave a speech on gun control while 6 people were shot to death.

  3. Jon..appreciate your interest. I do believe Webster’s would better serve you as I’m not a teacher, Nor am I inclined to engage in th type of dicussions you appear enjoy.

  4. ‘Mandatory buy backs’ hmmm…can’t Obama, Holder & their hood pass the background check & get their own?

  5. ‘Mandatory buy backs’ hmmm…can’t Obama, Holder & their hood pass the background check?