As Govt takes over healthcare, privacy disappears

By | February 2, 2013

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2 thoughts on “As Govt takes over healthcare, privacy disappears

  1. Al

    This is already going on here. Observe the significant uptick in invasive questioning about personal lifestyle, and what goes on under your roof? Pay attention, it IS happening. Additionaly, what you think are simple, chit-chat conversations with your doctor about what you did earlier this week or intend to do next week ARE actually being entered into your medical records. Benign subject matter that has ZERO to do with your health is being deliberately put into a database by your doctor or their aide.

    Be careful, folks, because it’s already here.

  2. Ed Wallis

    “…general practitioners (family doctors) will be required to give lifestyle details to the National Health System – the government.”

    Gee, I *wonder* if homosexuals will then be charged higher insurance rates for having an AIDS-spreading “lifestyle”…ya think?!?

    All your lifestyle are belong to us.

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